Growth Accelerator
Growth Accelerator for Badass Businesswomen
16 Interactive Sessions. 7 Real World Application Projects. 16 Discussions.
5 Case Studies. 1 Simulation Team Project.
1 Pitch Project.
How The Accelerator Works

The Mogul Chix® Academy Growth Accelerator runs for 16 weeks and is offered twice per year. When you enroll, you commit to completing 16 Interactive Lectures, 5 Real World Application Projects, 16 Discussions, 5 Case Studies, 1 Simulation Team Project, and 1 Pitch Project.

Each week, you attend a 90 minute live session via private, interactive live stream where you will participate in real time with the instructor and other participants.

You will discuss the topic of the week, ask questions, review case studies, and provide feedback to your peers. You can dial in by phone or log into the livestream (so there’s no excuse for missing a session).

Weekly sessions are recorded and uploaded into the dashboard along with session notes, project tasks, reading assignments (articles, books, and/or video & podcasts), ready to use tools and resources.

There is a private discussion forum where you can ask questions and join discussions with other classmates. We keep our conversation away from the distraction of social media.

Each month, you can schedule a one on one session with your advisor to clarify content, ask questions, create strategy plans and get mentoring.

You will be matched with a partner to complete the Simulation Team Project.

You will discuss 5 case studies that brings to life real business scenarios by addressing a dilemma that enables you to apply concepts you learn to real world situations in your actual business.

At the end of the academy, you’ll be participating in a mock pitch project using what you’ve learned to prepare your pitch for investors, and present your team project to the cohort.

COST: $8,500

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Next Accelerator Begins

May 1, 2024

Accelerator Modules
  • INTRO ORIENTATION: Are you ready to build a company?

Well you’re about to find out if you have what it takes to go from business owner to CEO of a thriving company. We’ll review what we will be working on during this accelerator and get to know each other. This is also a chance to share any issues, roadblocks or hesitations about your business in its current state. Orientation helps set expectations of how your business will stretch and grow from taking this accelerator.

Module 1: Company DNA | Mogul Chix Academy
  • MODULE 1: Company DNA (Business Models, Revenue Models, Customer Strategy, Differentiation)

What does the inner workings of your business look like? Who are you serving and how? We’ll look at how you’re attracting and keeping customers, what their journey looks like, and what money are you leaving on the table. It’s important to be able to get a handle on what your models are/look like in order to map out your growth and revenue potential. We’ll also look at how you can differentiate from the competition.

Module 2: Teams |Mogul Chix Academy
  • MODULE 2: People (Staffing & Talent Management, Leadership Principles, Advisory Boards, Strategic Power Networks, Conflict Resolution)

Your people are the foundation of your business. Internal and external human capital are necessary to grow a company. We’ll look at how you are attracting, acquiring and managing your team, the power of strategic partnership, switching into leader mode and what comes with it and forming your own advisory board. We’ll also help you get your formalized HR department together to keep you in compliance. And of course helping you become a better Leader. You will also learn techniques on conflict resolution.

  • MODULE 3: Process & Product/Service (Optimization, Operations, Technology, Sales Process Improvement, Negotiation Techniques)

We’ll look at how you can streamline and make your operations more efficient and less time consuming. We’ll look at how to optimize your current products and/or services, and see where you can expand or contract. We’ll get your automation on point. And figure out how to boost your sales process. You’ll also learn about negotiation strategies with vendors, clients and strategic partners.

  • MODULE 4: Financial Strategy (Budgeting & Forecasting, Payment Structuring, Cash Flow, Pricing Strategy, Tax Planning, Financial Planning, Investing Strategy)

Get your money right! You’r making it, now let’s focus on how to maximize it so you keep more. Learn how to offer clients options so you get paid on time and regularly. We’ll dig into the financials to see where you can afford to expand your team. If your pricing is off, we’ll work on that too. It’s all about making the most while keeping the most. And we’ll dig deep into your revenue goals and chart the path for your to exceed those goals through strategic planning and visualization.

  • MODULE 5: Growth (Expansion, Succession, International Business, Exit)

Growth isn’t for the weak! We’ll talk about how to groom the next line of leaders in your company, when you should be considering stepping back as CEO, how to plan strategically for expansion and a look at the international business markets. We’ll also help you map out what your various exit strategies could look like and identify the milestones and timing to make it happen

  • MODULE 6: Fundraising (Valuation, Funding Readiness, Types of Funding, Due Diligence, Pitch, Closing Rounds, Post Investment)

Fundraising isn’t like Shark Tank. We’ll work on getting your pitch ready, what to look for in investors, how to do your own research and make sure investment makes sense and at what stage. And we’ll make sure you have an accurate perception of your company’s value. You will walk away with a firm understanding of the funding process and cycles so you have a higher success rate of closing funding rounds.

  • End of Course Symposium (Quality of Life, Pitch Project, Team Project, Wrap Up)

In the beginning of the program, pairs are selected to work together for a team project. That project will be presented in this final module. Each attendee will also get to present their company to real investors in a mock pitch session. Seasoned VCs and Angels will evaluate your pitch and offer feedback in perfecting it to investors. This is also an opportunity for final thoughts, questions or clarity on the things we’ve covered and how to apply them to your business.

Next Steps

You know you have 90 minutes each week to dedicate to build a healthy company. So let’s get you started. In just a few simple steps, you can get your application started. We offer a variety payment plan options. You can choose the Full Pay (one time payment)- $8,500 or installment pay plans to suit your needs.  Pick the plan that best suits you. If you are interested in using a payment plan, contact us. We use a third party finance company with a variety of options.


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