Funding School
Learn Funding, Then Get Funded

Businesses require capital to achieve growth. Learn how to identify available capital, find funding options, then get it to grow.

Access to capital is the greatest barrier women entrepreneurs encounter..and if you’re a woman of color, the barriers are even higher. While female founders of color are outpacing men in starting (and growing) companies in record numbers each year, Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors cite “inability to find them” as the number one reason their investment dollars aren’t going to them. The other reason is lack of preparedness and readiness. Well, we find that those theories are garbage! So we’ve created the solution to make sure women of color are not just found, but fully prepared.

Mogul Chix Academy presents Funding School. This three week course is designed to help you understand funding, know what investors are looking for, where to find investors, how to build real relationships that put you in front of investors, how to pitch for funding and how to GET the funding.

Live classes allow you to learn in real time with your peers and an instructor who can answer your questions, provide guidance and support. Please check the website calendar for the schedule of classes.

Choose from full pay or three installment payments.

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How It Works


3 Weeks. 3 Modules. 20 Topics. $2,997

Welcome to Funding School! Funding School is different from the general Academy in that it only focuses on the topic of funding. You have the option to attend live or self study.

Live courses are taught in three-week intervals, three times per year. Sessions are delivered in real time via a private Zoom, each week, on Tuesdays, 9AM PST | 12PM EST. Attendees attend each 3 hour session from the comfort of their home, office or any place with internet access. They have full access to course materials and audio/video replays for the duration of the Funding School cycle. Complete ongoing support is available via phone or email from the instructor during and three months after completion.

The next live Funding School kicks off June 13, 2023. Register today!

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Prefer Self-Study?

Self Study Course. $750

Beginning in June 21, 2023, Funding School will be available as a self-study course.

Courses are pre-recorded and released each week. Because it’s self-study, you can watch all the classes dropped each week at your own pace. Sessions are dropped daily, each week. You have full lifetime access to course materials and audio/video. Complete ongoing support is available via phone or email from the instructor during and one month after completion.

Please note, sessions are released as they are paid for. You can make a full payment or weekly payments. And Mock Pitch Session is not available with self-study.

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Are you ready to raise capital

Understanding need vs want

What makes you investment ready

What is finding

Types of funding

Stages of funding

Strategic use of funding



Your funding plan

Funding requirements

Run your numbers (valuation vs need/ask)

Psychology of investors

Understanding investor benchmarks & investment strategies

Networking- where to find investors

Building relationships within the investment community

Landing the meeting

Preparing for the meeting



Pitch Training

Funds management

Financial planning for entrepreneurs

Exit plan

Mock pitch session