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How Office Hours Work
Our professionals are tops at what they do. They have partnered with Mogul Chix Academy to bring you informative Clinics and have made themselves available for one on one advisory sessions.

Step 1: Decide what topic you need help on.
Step 2: Search for your advisor that best matches your needs.
Step 3: Click on that advisor and schedule an appointment.
Step 4: Submit payment (they don't work for free!).
Step 5: If you haven't already, download the Zoom app and test it.
Step 6: Show up for your appointment via Zoom and get the help you need.

Keep in mind that these are mini-sessions. They are not meant to be full on consultations that provide you with a blueprint to solve all your problems. If after your session you feel you need more help and want to work one on one with your advisor, you will be provided an opportunity to convert to a client. Each advisor has their own pricing and client vetting process outside of Office Hours, so please be respectful of their time and expertise.

Our Team of Experts
Meet our highly skilled experts who are tops in their fields.
Office Hours
Adrienne Graham
Business Growth Strategist
Office Hours
Amiah Sheppard
Pitch Coach
Office Hours
Radiance Harris, ESQ
Office Hours
Stacy K. Vaughn
Certification Expert
Office Hours
Tonya McNeal-Weary
Global Business Consultant
Office Hours
Atiyah Brown, CPA
Office Hours
Karwanna Dyson
Government Contracting Expert
What We Offer
In addition to the Accelerator, we are proud to offer a series of specialized Clinics facilitated by our team of incredible experts.
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