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Hiring Mastery

Hire Your Team & Grow Like a MOGUL

This four part series takes you through the process of finding, hiring, and keeping top notch employees and building a company brand that will attract quality candidates like a magnet. Learn techniques and strategies from someone with 20+ successful years in recruiting for Fortune 100, Fortune 500, startups and small companies.

In this mastery series you will learn how to:

* Create staffing plans,
* Understand your hiring needs,
* Recruit the best talent,
* Write strong job descriptions & ads,
* Compete with Fortune 500 companies for the good candidates,
* Utilize technology to automate & streamline the process,
* Make candidates want to work for your company
* Build a steady pipeline of candidate even when you’re not hiring,
* Create a strong, candidate-attractive company brand,
* Learn best practices for screening candidates,
* Learn the best interview techniques,
* Create savvy hiring campaigns,
* Avoid the online/job website trap,
* Secrets to manage & retain loyal, productive employees.

This mastery course is broken down into 4 sessions:

PART 1: Staffing Planning– what you need to know & things to do BEFORE you start hiring & building a team

PART 2: Recruitment Strategy– how to find, identify, engage & attract ideal candidates

PART 3: Technology & Automation– avoiding the “inbox” resume syndrome & making it easy for you to manage the hiring process and easy for candidates to apply

PART 4: After the Hire– how to properly onboard, train & manage employees post hire (keeping them loyal & happy)

Hiring is not as simple as creating an account with a website or using an expensive agency. But it’s not as difficult as many have you believe. With the right strategies, tools, message, team and attitude, you can hire like the Fortune 500 companies. Hire right the 1st time!

Enroll in any or all of the courses in this series. This course is delivered live via private, interactive video and are 90 minutes each. Course includes materials (forms, tools, resources, etc), interactive Q&A workshop, staffing plan review, access to audio and video recordings of the course, and case studies. Must attend to receive the recordings.

DATE: July 3, 2023


PRICE: $2997


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